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The tutor who puts herself in your shoes.
It is no secret to anyone that information related to what we like is fixed more easily in our brain. It is like this, when something interests us, we investigate and focus so much, and our neurons are ready to connect with that idea.
Thus, I like to focus learning on topics of interest to my students. If you like science, art, culture, or politics, we will delve into Spanish from there, to motivate your participation.
It's certainly a challenge for me too, but it's exciting to learn about different things and people every day, and I'd love for you to be able to stay hooked from start to finish in your process of learning another language.
I will tell you about a topic of interest to me: precisely learning. Did you know that in the first years of life it is easier to learn? and that you will never learn so many different things as in that time.
I have spent 5 years teaching two little ones who can speak Spanish perfectly and are quite fluent in English, and all from the investigation of the process that develops in the brain to establish learning. I think we can apply it together. Let's be like children and learn like never before.
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