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Ann Mariya
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Town/city/borough Romford
Maths Lessons
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Barking (London)
Dagenham (London)
Gants Hill
Manor Park
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I worked as a math tutor for one year, tailoring lessons to diverse students, enhancing their math skills and confidence

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I have one year of experience as a math tuition teacher, during which I honed my ability to deliver personalized instruction to students of varying ages and skill levels. My strengths lie in developing tailored lesson plans that meet each student's unique needs, ensuring they grasp complex mathematical concepts and gain confidence in their abilities. I excel in assessing student progress, identifying areas needing improvement, and adapting my teaching strategies to address these gaps effectively. My approach fosters a supportive learning environment where students feel encouraged to ask questions and engage deeply with the material. Additionally, I possess strong communication skills, enabling me to explain abstract concepts in a clear and relatable manner. My dedication to student success and my ability to inspire a love for math have consistently resulted in improved academic performance and a positive learning experience for my students.
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