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Maths University Student offering GCSE Maths Tutoring

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Hey! I’m Kamila, a current Mathematics University student heading into my last year of studies.

I always found maths a little challenging in school, it never came easily to me. It took a lot of determination to discover the joy I now find in it, so I'm here to help you find that joy too!

My own journey—from achieving a grade 7 at GCSE to an A at A-level, and now pursuing a Mathematics undergraduate degree with hopes of continuing to the Master's level—demonstrates that improvement is always possible.

I’m happy to provide a personalised teaching approach;

- Tackling specific questions that trouble you.
- Addressing challenging topics.
- Identifying weaknesses through practice questions.

I’d love to support you in your learning journey, and break the stereotype that maths is something you should be afraid of!
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