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Fun and practical tutoring sessions. Focus on your progression!
Watford Hertfordshire, Londo...Maths: GCSE Maths, Basic mathematics, A Level Maths1st lesson free
Hey there, I'm your go-to maths tutor! I graduated from Imperial College with a BEng computing and love helping st...
Affordable services proven to be effective in helping children and adults to excel in maths, no matter what level they start at
Watford Hertfordshire, Bushe...Maths1st lesson free
I do 1-1 sessions allowing students to request which topics they would like help with, whilst providing my own asse...
Fluent in English. I can help with all aspects of English language (grammar, vocabulary, spelling, punctuation, pronunciation)
Watford HertfordshireEnglish as a foreign language1st lesson free
I can be flexible and adapt the style of teaching based on the student's preference and needs. I provide support wi...
Biology tutor looking for students in years 7-9 who are looking for a better understanding of biology
Watford Hertfordshire, Watfo...Biology1st lesson free
Hi my name is Dillon and I teach biology. I will form each lesson to how I think you will learn best. Studying psyc...
I am very fluent in English and even received A’s and A*’s in further education relating to my studies
Watford Hertfordshire, Watfo...English as a foreign language1st lesson free
I am very fluent in English and even received A’s and A*’s in further education relating to my studies.
I am fluent in English and I am great at communicating well with people so I think this role would suit me
Watford Hertfordshire, Watfo...English as a foreign language1st lesson free
We will practice by having a small conversation in English to know my students skill level then we will work our wa...
Experienced French tutor offering private French lessons for children and adults in Hertfordshire
Watford Hertfordshire, Apsle...French1st lesson free
I am a passionate of French language and culture. Born and raised in France, I travelled a lot in France before mov...
Russian Tutor - Students of all ages
Watford HertfordshireRussian1st lesson free
I am fluent in both Russian and English with experience at revising for and taking the GCSE exam.
Watford Hertfordshire, Watfo...History1st lesson free
I like to convey my lessons through conversations, I feel that some teachers or tutors like to talk at you, rather ...
I studied English Language at A Level, and have always had a passion for the English subject
Watford Hertfordshire, Watfo...English as a foreign language1st lesson free
All of my tutoring takes place online, so you’re able to learn from the comfort of your home. I set fun tasks onlin...
Highly experienced, professionaly and friendly Chinese tutor with excellent student testimonials
Watford HertfordshireChinese1st lesson free
Hello ??! My name is Ka Yee and I’m an experienced and qualified Mandarin teacher with over a decade of teaching an...
I'm a creative individual with a passion for writing. My lessons will be aimed at primary and secondary school students.
Watford HertfordshireEnglish
I'll be providing creative writing lessons, fostering creativity in my students and encouraging them to think outsi...
Watford HertfordshireIELTS
I have completed Bachelors in Management & Marketing also have done online tutoring for English and IELTS mentoring...
Maths tutor for students from year 2 to year 8
Watford HertfordshireMaths1st lesson free
I aim make math learning engaging, effective, and enjoyable. Over the years I have done more of in person maths t...
GCSE Maths Tutor to guarantee results
Watford HertfordshireMaths: Geometry, GCSE Maths1st lesson free
Qualities that set me apart:Extensive Expertise: With a deep understanding of various mathematical disciplines, inc...
Watford Hertfordshire, Watfo...English1st lesson free
Hello, I'm a kind, patient Mum of two who would like to help you progress with your understanding of speaking and l...
As a teacher with more than 10 years of experience teaching primary school in Japan, I'm a dedicated and passionate teacher who cares a lot about my students.
Watford HertfordshireJapanese
I love teaching and communicating. I believe my ability to communicate effectively, adapt lesson plans based on wha...
Watford Hertfordshire, Watfo...Computer science1st lesson free
I give affordable computing coaching classes for age 10 upwards.
Italian Tutor Bringing Language and Culture to Life
Watford Hertfordshire, Watfo...Italian1st lesson free
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